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“Parks and Rec” Producer Harris Wittels found dead

By Kimberly Shrine, Features Writer

On Thursday, February 19, co-executive producer of beloved show Parks and Recreation, Harris Wittels, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment. Police report drug paraphernalia near his body and suspect drug overdose as a cause of death. The comedian was only thirty years-old but admitted in the podcast You Made It Weird, with Pete Holmes, that he has been using drugs recreationally since he was twelve years-old.

Wittels as a hilarious animal control worker on Parks and Recreation. Source:

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“Smoke and Mirrors”

By Spenser Webb, Entertainment Writer

Imagine Dragons recently released their second studio album “Smoke and Mirrors”, the 13 track album is somewhat unique as band members produced a majority of the album themselves. Only two songs feature outside producer Alex da Kid, known mostly for his work with hip-hop acts. His influence is noticeable on those two songs, but, with very little input, it’s a bit puzzling why Imagine Dragons would hire a producer for only two songs. To be fair he does produce more songs on the international deluxe, and “super deluxe” editions of the album, but they’re not widely available so again, why?


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The Imitation Game

By Nate Willis, Entertainment Writer




Norwegian-born director Morten Tyldem brings to life the incredible story of how British mathematician Alan Turing was able to break an “unbreakable” Nazi code to shorten World War II by an estimated two years in “The Imitation Game”. The film’s title is a reference to Turing’s theory on determining if computers possessed true intelligence or not. The whole time while watching this film, I couldn’t help but be struck with awe at the silent tenacity that Benedict Cumberbatch delivers as Turing.

Simple comparisons might rob this film of its originality, but I noticed Cumberbatch’s performance resembled that of Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”. However, the distinction rests on Cumberbatch’s mastery of the subtle. Every expression, every motion Cumberbatch makes as Turing seems just as calculated as the code he’s trying to break. Continue reading

Chipotle: A Necessity

As stated in last week’s paper, Chipotle is not only a delicious Mexican grill – it’s a way of life. If you share this opinion, please sign this petition to get a Chipotle in Rolla! Although it is a franchise-driven restaurant, this petition may draw the needed attention to spark an entrepreneur’s interest. Leave comments to express your pure and undying love for Chipotle.


Use this link below to join the noble cause:

97 Years Later…

The Missouri Miner newspaper has been a student-driven organization since it’s origin in 1918. Now, ninety-seven years later, we are finally taking our paper online! Our staff is pleased to inform you that we will be posting our articles on this site, along with our current paper circulation which can be found near the entrances of most campus buildings. Please feel free to post comments and like us on Facebook.