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Hottest companies at S&T’s 2015 Career Fair

By Jessica Bone, Features Writer

With over 350 companies in attendance at this year’s career it can be a bit overwhelming to determine which companies are worthy of one’s freshly printed resume. However, through the sea of companies there are a few that stand out. Some of the most visited company booths are: Anheuser-Busch, ExxonMobil, and Procter & Gamble. Ranging from beer, oil and a myriad of other home products, these companies bring everything to the table. Continue reading

The Pumpkin Epidemic

By Jessica Bone, Features Writer

Boots, leggings, and pumpkin spice – OH MY! Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies), September 23rd marks the first official day of fall! But what is it that truly marks the change in season? Some may say it is the beautiful color change of the leaves and the cooler weather. Others might be more inclined to say the shift in season arrives once the shelves begin to drip orange with “Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice” labels on all processed food aisles. What once was just a latte has now stormed through the shelves and spread to everything. Nestle, Kellogg’s, Thomas Breads, Pepperidge Farm, Quaker, Pillsbury and Hostess are just a few of the companies pushing pumpkin spice on us all. Some of our favorite products: Oreos, Peeps, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, M&M’s, Pop-tarts and Jif Whips Peanut Butter have all been infected with the pumpkin spice virus.

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Saying goodbye to the Colbert Report

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer

Stephen Colbert, after a 1,447 episode run with The Colbert Report, has officially retired his character as Stephen Colbert with the season premiere of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as of September 8, 2015. He announced his retirement December 18th, 2014 on the show’s season finale. Like any fan and supporter of the Colbert Nation, it was a bittersweet goodbye as his character has provided much laughter for viewing audiences.   Continue reading