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Presidential Candidates on Campus Protests

By Timothy Maninger, Features Writer

The recent protests at schools across the country, including Mizzou and Yale, have prompted responses from some of the 2016 presidential candidates. The protests are attempting to bring to the front the issues of systemic racism and discrimination on campus. The resignations of several faculty members at Mizzou including the UM President Tim Wolfe and Mizzou Chancellor Loftin, over these protests have spurred similar movements across the nation. Opinions among the candidates are almost as varied as those among students: some in support and others in opposition. The protesters certainly have the legal right to peaceably assemble, and the faculty of the schools certainly have the legal right to ignore them. The real issues in question here are not about legality but rather ethics.

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Master of None

By Stephen Showers, Features Writer

Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix original series “Master of None” is about an actor named Dev struggling with a wide variety of issues. But the show deals with more than Dev’s problems. Feminism and racism are both tackled in a way that is somewhat educational to the viewer. Some minor spoilers ahead.


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Things to Do When Netflix is No Longer an Option

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer 

Holiday breaks are meant to have the purpose of spending quality time with your immediate family and relatives, but that’s not always what happens. For college students, a holiday break ultimately serves as an opportunity to temporarily forget your educational obligations and school-related stressors, a chance to catch up on/ make a dent in your Netflix queue, a chance to catch up on all your neglected coursework, or an opportunity to make some extra cash only to recklessly spend it all while back at school – Netflix, most likely being the victor of the three. But let’s be real, as awesome as Netflix is, there’s only so many hours that you can marathon watch Netflix before you tire of not knowing what time of day it is or eventually become grossed out by the fact that you’re still wearing the same clothes that you put on three days ago when you last showered. If that doesn’t happen, you either have incredible self-control and motivation or it’s only a matter of time before a family member or friend stages an intervention. If you are the former, I commend you. However, if you are the latter and finally arrive at the conclusion that it’s time to change your clothes, shower and get some fresh air, here are some fun activities that you can do.

Source: Crown Center Ice Skating Rink in Kansas City, MO

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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

By Emma Pliska, Features Writer 

The holidays are coming up fast: Christmas is coming up in about a month, Thanksgiving in about a week, and there’s only about two weeks of classes left before the semester is over (that’s a holiday, right?) Here’s some tips to keep yourself healthier during the holidays, and to make the most of them!


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Movie Review: Truth

By Nate Willis, Entertainment Writer 

In his directorial debut, writer James Vanderbilt brings the true story of the 2004 Killian document controversy back to life. The film portrays the account of Mary Mapes (played wonderfully by Cate Blanchett), who was fired from her job as a producer of 60 Minutes after the legitimacy of source documents was called into question.  Although political overtones exist throughout, Vanderbilt makes an active attempt to depoliticize the events that occur.


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Music Review: Kurt Cobain

By Spenser Webb, Entertainment Writer 

More than twenty-one years after the death of American rock icon Kurt Cobain, a collection of recordings and demos recorded by Cobain have been released to the public in a small collection accompanying the documentary “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck”. The album, entitled “Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings”, comes in two versions: a thirteen track standard version and a thirty-one track deluxe edition. The standard version serves as the soundtrack for the documentary and consists of early demos and unreleased recordings while the deluxe edition gives a much more detailed picture of Cobain’s life, featuring less than musical tracks such as some spoken thoughts in addition to the songs of the standard version.

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Week 10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Advice

By Jeff Specker, Sports Writer

Navigating the waiver wire can be difficult, but it’s a crucial part of winning your fantasy football league. The ability to snag players that are having a breakout season is vital, just ask Odell Beckham Jr. owners from last year. According to ESPN,  OBJ was owned on nearly one-third of championship fantasy teams. Along with raw breakout seasons, you also have to watch for injuries. Just because injuries may hurt your team doesn’t mean they can’t help you either. When stars go down (LeVeon Bell) backups get their chance to shine, not only on the gridiron, but in the virtual world as well.

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NFL Down to Three Undefeated Teams After Broncos Loss

By Tyler Zaring, Sports Writer

With week nine in the National Football League over there are only three teams that remain undefeated in the 2015 season. The remaining teams include the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and Carolina Panthers. The New England Patriots are looking to repeat after winning the Super Bowl last year and to show that they can win despite the deflategate scandal.

The Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals are trying to prove themselves as true contenders to make the playoffs and play in the Super Bowl. Both teams have had a bye week and see themselves with an eight and zero record with eight more weeks left to play in the season.

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Wolfe, Loftin Resign Amidst Pressure From UM Students and Faculty

By Grace Deitzler,  News Writer 

Just six hours after University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe announced his resignation, MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced his own resignation from the position of Chancellor, effective at the end of this year.

Pressure for Wolfe and Loftin to step down has been building due to the administration’s poor handling of recent events surrounding racial issues. Though tensions had been rising since the events in Ferguson last year, the boiling point was reached earlier this semester when racial slurs were directed towards student body president Payton Head. Following this, the Legion of Black Collegiates was rehearsing a homecoming play and were verbally assaulted by a white man interrupting their rehearsal and yelling racial slurs at the students.

Tim Wolfe, left, and R. Bowen Loftin, right. 

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