Things to Do When Netflix is No Longer an Option

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer 

Holiday breaks are meant to have the purpose of spending quality time with your immediate family and relatives, but that’s not always what happens. For college students, a holiday break ultimately serves as an opportunity to temporarily forget your educational obligations and school-related stressors, a chance to catch up on/ make a dent in your Netflix queue, a chance to catch up on all your neglected coursework, or an opportunity to make some extra cash only to recklessly spend it all while back at school – Netflix, most likely being the victor of the three. But let’s be real, as awesome as Netflix is, there’s only so many hours that you can marathon watch Netflix before you tire of not knowing what time of day it is or eventually become grossed out by the fact that you’re still wearing the same clothes that you put on three days ago when you last showered. If that doesn’t happen, you either have incredible self-control and motivation or it’s only a matter of time before a family member or friend stages an intervention. If you are the former, I commend you. However, if you are the latter and finally arrive at the conclusion that it’s time to change your clothes, shower and get some fresh air, here are some fun activities that you can do.

Source: Crown Center Ice Skating Rink in Kansas City, MO

Reconnect with Friends: If you’re like me and have fun staying connected to your childhood and high school friends while at college, holiday breaks are a perfect opportunity to hangout and reconnect. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing friends that you haven’t seen since leaving for school in August to motivate you to finally shower, change out of your 3-day old, bed-creased (and possibly food or sweat-stained) clothes and at least appear semi-presentable in a fresh outfit of chicly planned sweats.

Geocaching: It’s hard to say that there is any activity more fun than wandering around an unfamiliar area – most likely a forest – GPS in hand with the hopes of finding a small treasure discarded by the last group that thought this was a good idea. If done at dusk, be sure bring some flashlights and watch as geocaching quickly becomes a pick-up game of flashlight tag.

Visit Friends from College: One of the perks of going to a 4-year university is that it attracts students from different cities around the country. Take advantage of the fact that you (hopefully) have made a bunch of friends that live either closeby or a 3-6 hour drive from your hometown. Visiting friends will give you the chance to escape the mundaneness of your parent’s house and the opportunity to experience a new city.

Aimlessly Wander A Near Metropolitan City: MS&T attracts a lot students from or around Kansas City and St. Louis areas making it very convenient for you to meet up with your college to explore a city that may be unfamiliar or foreign to you.

While in Kansas City, you can: tour the National World War I Museum and Memorial; appreciate art at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art; play around at Science City; shop at the Country Club Plaza; craft at Kaleidoscope; attend a Chiefs or Mavericks game; ice skate and eat at Crown Center; shop and eat at the City Market; go to the Kansas City Zoo; test out your survival skills at Escapist Games; go on a segway tour of KC; explore Westport and the Crossroads; bar hop in the Power and Light District; shop in Zona Rosa, Leawood and Overland Park; or tour the Boulevard Brewing Company.

While in St. Louis, you can: go to the Missouri Botanical Garden; explore the St. Louis Zoo; channel your inner child at the City Museum or the Magic House; visit the Gateway Arch, the Civil War Museum, the Saint Louis Art Museum, Grant’s Farm, or the Saint Louis Science Museum; attend a Blues or Rams game; surrender to your sweet tooth at Sweetology; tour Schlafly Bottleworks, 4 Hands Brewery, and Anheuser-Busch; explore the central west end; gamble at the River City Casino; go on a segway tour of STL; shop at the Kirkwood or Soulard Farmers’ Market; parasail and paraglide; or bounce around at Skyzone.

With these in mind, you’re guaranteed to have a more eventful break than watching Netflix everyday and thinking about the pile of neglected homework.