Benefits to Graduating in December

By Emma Pliska, Features Writer 

The semester is finally starting to come to a close! Some people are getting ready to go off on co-ops, some people are coming back next semester, but some people are graduating in December! Congratulations to all those who are graduating in a few weeks, and here are some benefits to those who are graduating – whether you’re graduating a little early, or a little late!

Those graduating in December have a little bit of an edge when it comes to job hunting. Since the majority of college students graduate in May, there’s a lot of competition for job openings at that time. December graduates can also take advantage of the Fall Career Fair, which hosts a lot more employers than the Spring Career Fair. Also, if you’re graduating early, it can help you look like a motivated and focused applicant to employers. Many employers slow their full-time hiring for December, and then start hiring more people in January and February, so if you can’t find a job right at December don’t worry!

Hundreds, if not thousands of students graduate in May from S&T. Most of those students are working hard to brush up on interview techniques, polish their resumes, and drafting cover letters. The COER can only handle a certain number of students at a time, and all the students may not get the most personalized help or the most one on one guidance if they’re too busy. In the months coming up to December there’s a lot less students frequenting the COER, so you’ll be able to get more in-depth help on getting the perfect job.

For those who are graduating with plans of going to graduate school: you can spend the spring semester studying graduate entrance exams, filling out applications, or visiting graduate programs. It helps to give yourself weekly tasks and a planner to stay organized so that you can take this time to prep for graduate school at your leisure, instead of rushing to graduate while at the same time rushing to fill out entrance exams and personal essays! You can also take this time to have a semester break to make money, travel, or just relax: you’ve earned it!

The graduation ceremony for December graduates is generally smaller, and more personalized. The list of names will probably be shorter, and the crowds will be smaller, and the traffic will be better! You also may be able to have more people attend the December graduation, because they won’t have to attend ten other graduations in those two weeks (hopefully!), unlike in May when everyone else is graduating.

Those who graduate in December can save thousands of dollars in saved tuition and room and board costs. The sooner you stop taking out loans and start paying them back, the sooner you can start actually applying your paycheck to fun things, like travelling and houses!

Bottom line: graduating in December allows you to get a head start on graduate school prep, helps you save some money, gives you an edge in the job market, and it gives you a little extra time to kick back. Congratulations again, graduates!