Music Review: Daughter

By Spenser Webb, Entertainment Writer 

                  English indie folk band Daughter recently released their second full length studio album entitled “Not to Disappear”. The ten track album is Daughter’s first follow up to their well-received initial release “If You Leave”. “Not to Disappear” is noticeably different than this first release, however Daughter’s signature somber tone and message remains the same. Songs touch on themes of loss, regret, imperfect love, and other melancholy tones.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.58.31 PMPhoto Source:

One notable difference from “If You Leave” is the markedly more electronic sound present throughout “Not to Disappear”. This certainly adds a new dimension to Daughter’s relatively simplistic sound, however it’s a little less pleasant to listen to. This new electronic feel does compliment lead singer Elena Tonra’s soft vocals well.  This new dimension prevents “Not to Disappear” from being a carbon copy of Daughter’s earlier releases.  However, because of this, the guitar work seems a bit muddled and the often light drums are a bit overshadowed.

Despite these minor complaints, “Not to Disappear” is a solid album with some notable highlights. Among them is “No Care”, a short and relatively fast paced song. Here, Tonra’s vocals are much more aggressive than any of Daughter’s other songs and it makes for a very compelling song. Usually Tonra’s soft vocals convey a somber message; however on “No Care” she shows a stronger more accusatory style of writing and singing that makes for an interesting and appealing change of pace. Another standout is the first track on the album, “New Ways”, a somber song offering more in line with what Daughter has presented in the past but with a strong electronic presence as mentioned before. Here the electronic feel seems to melt perfectly with the somewhat ambient vocals and lyrics to produce a truly exceptional track. Finally, there’s “Doing the Right Thing”, a track touching on the issues of dementia and Alzheimer’s through the use of incredibly striking lyrics conveying the pain that accompanies the loss of mental capacity.

With “Not to Disappear”, Daughter has released another solid album that sticks to their strengths while also adding a new dimension to their previous works. Lyrically, the entire album is impeccable and while the incredibly somber tone may not be a hit with everyone, Daughter’s target audience is sure to be thrilled with this release.  If you’re into slow and somber music I highly recommend listening to “Not to Disappear”.  You certainly won’t be disappointed.