How to Make Valentine’s Day Your B*tch

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer 

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is yet another gift oriented holiday. It can be stressful or sad depending on your relationship status and partner. For those single ladies and fellas out there, Valentine’s Day is the time to “treat yo self.” This Valentine’s Day, you are obligated to order yourself some takeout (order something that isn’t the cheapest thing on the menu), draw yourself a hot bath, and avoid all social media and couple-y places for the next twenty-four hours – or at least until all of the chocolate becomes fifty percent off. For those few lucky ones that have found themselves a significant other, here is a guide to gift giving this V-day.

For those special ladies out there, nothing says “I love you, Happy Valentines Day bae” like a box of chocolates and a pair of crocs. Spring is upon us and let’s all be real here, Crocs are the most versatile footwear option on the shelves – wear them with or without socks, in the rain, in the snow, to a formal event, etc… Crocs can do it all and do it fashionably. If your special lady friend isn’t a fan of sensible footwear, because not all of us are, consider giving her a small animal or some jewelry accompanied with that chocolate. It’s hard to go wrong with giving your loved one a small animal or jewelry on any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day. If jewelry or adopting an animal isn’t in your budget, nothing will make her heart melt faster than giving her a stuffed animal or jewelry from the claw-machines at arcades with the promise of replacing it later when you’re not broke. Regardless of the gift, if she’s a nice lady, she’ll like it because it’s from the heart – so buy her some Crocs.

Unlike some women, men are typically easier to buy gifts for. It’s possible that they would be happy with some sort of food and some quiet time in the dark. Based on some field data collected, beef jerky and candy tied for the number one spot in food preference and really anything from Taco Bell came in as a close second. If you aren’t sure what else to get your man, a gift card to his favorite store or the newest piece of technology that he had his eye on would also suffice. Sometimes none of these are within your budget or you forget and need a last minute gift, so a homemade dinner and your presence alone would be enough.

Materialistic things aside, it is important to not forget the real purpose of Valentine’s Day, which is to show appreciation of your significant other (or yourself if you’re single). So go out and show your S.O. how much they mean to you or show yourself a lot of love this Valentine’s Day.