KMNR Interview of the Week: DJ ENT

The Missouri Miner is proud to present weekly interviews with djs from KMNR, Missouri S&T’s free-format college radio station. This week, we interviewed KMNR Public Relations Director Brady Voepel, aka DJ ENT

Photo Source: Nathan Krenning

Photo Source: Nathan Krenning

What is your major?

Computer Science

When did you train?

Fall 2013! Best trainee class ever.

What is your favorite album in KMNR’s library?

I have a deep affection for Black Sabbath’s Paranoid (1970) and also their self titled album of the same year. They were two of the first albums I played from that library, along with Led Zeppelin IV and Warren Zevon. Honestly though, asking me about my favorite album is like asking me about my favorite pizza topping. Can I have all of them?

 Why did you join KMNR?

I stumbled into KMNR one evening with my then girlfriend and saw Cullen O’Farrell, whom I had met briefly before. We both joined on the spot, in the middle of interview week.

What is your favorite thing about being a dj?

My favorite thing about being a DJ is by far the DJ community. Almost all of my best friends are DJs, and I feel like they all hate me equally. That’s as good as it can get.

What genres of music can people expect to hear on your show?

My current show is a trio called 3 Guys 1 Cup, starring me, Cullen, and Tom Maerz. Our genre is “absolutely atrocious radio show.” We play everything from Top 40 to the occasional Deathcore and usually talk about nonsensical and borderline offensive things in between. Tune in on Monday from 10pm to midnight! Shameless plug.

If you could ask any living musical artist one question, which artist would you choose?

Oh man. This would be better if they were dead musicians. I would probably ask Based God if he would please be my father. I unknowingly asked the lead singer of 10 Years if he would share a 40 with me one time.

What is a question you wish someone would ask you?

“Where did you get two hundred pounds of solid gold bars and that fire mixtape?”

You can hear DJ ENT on the radio from 10 pm until midnight every Monday on KMNR, 89.7 FM.