Here’s to the Best EVER!

By Heather Pribil, News Writer 

The 108th Best Ever St. Pat’s is officially over. It was a packed week with a Snake Invasion, Court Elections, Grand Ball, Follies, Blarney Bash, the Parade, and much more.

Tony Miano, a senior in mathematics from Ballwin, Missouri, portrayed St. Patrick during the celebrations. His court officially arrived downtown at noon on Wednesday, March 16. After a procession through downtown, the court presided over follies at the pavilion on 9th and Oak streets. Members of the court were Brandon Kane, a senior in engineering management from Eureka, Missouri and Anneka Swinson, a senior in information science and technology from St. Charles, Missouri as Master Guards, Cairon Washington, a junior in electrical engineering from St. Louis and John Ziegler, a senior in multidisciplinary studies from Webster Groves, Missouri as Guards, Joseph Loesche II, a junior in nuclear engineering from St. Louis as Herald, Andrew McDonough, a senior in mechanical engineering from St. Louis as Page, and Daniel Wilson, a senior in business and management systems from St. Charles, Missouri as Trumpeter.

The court participated in formal coronation ceremonies at 9:00 pm on Friday, March 18, in Leach Theatre. It was here that the Honorary Knights and Student Knights were dubbed and the St. Pat’s Queen of Love and Beauty was crowned. Cassie Hurley, a senior in ceramic engineering from Russellville, Arkansas, was crowned the 2016 Queen of Love and Beauty on Friday, March 18. She was nominated by General Delegation of Independents. Members of the queen’s court were Claire Donze, a junior in undergraduate studies from Rolla, Missouri, representing KMNR as Princess of Peace and Happiness, Adrienne Lister, a junior in ceramic engineering from Lenexa, Kansas, representing BBQ Club as Countess of Chastity and Virtue, Jolene Harbin, a senior in chemistry from Tarkio, Missouri, representing Alpha Epsilon Pi as Duchess of Desire and Ecstasy, and Pranita Nayak, a senior in chemical engineering from Rolla, Missouri, representing Student Union Board as Lady of Honor and Devotion.

The Knights of St. Pat’s crowned at this time were James Bahm, Josh Bergesch, Jacob Boehm, Tanner Bollmann, Tylor Brom, Alex Brown, Dan Castro-Estremera, Byron Conley, Matt Connelly, Brendan Daly, Ryan Ebert, Chris Everett, Jessica Fletcher, Nicholas Foster, Andy Garrett, Cassie Golden, Katherine Heidinger, Dakoda Juett, Dan Kuehl, Dori Ludwig, Natarajan Madhusudhanan, Dan McKnought, Peter Moore, Nick Oden, Oscar Owens, Jason Pelliccione, Elijah Poe, Malachi Rein, John Rodenberg, Jonathon Scott, Zachary Smith, Chayne Standage, Nick Takacs, Michael Taylor, Avery Welker, Adam Westhoff, and Nancy Yegerlehner.

The annual St. Pat’s Parade was on Saturday, March 19. The parade began at 11:00 am on Pine Street and continued through downtown Rolla.