The Missouri Miner is proud to present weekly interviews with djs from KMNR, Missouri S&T’s free-format college radio station. This week, we interviewed KMNR Music Director Lauren Steele, aka DJ Sputnik.


What is your major?


When did you train?

Fall 2014.

What is your favorite album in KMNR’s library?

Around the World and Back by State Champs

 Why did you join KMNR?

I joined KMNR on a whim. One of my floormates Freshman year was going to apply and I thought it sounded like it might be fun. My family was also very supportive of me going for it and they really pushed me to apply.

What is your favorite thing about being a dj?

My favorite thing about being a DJ is meeting other people who care about music as much as I do. It also offers the me amazing opportunity to learn more about other types of music that I may have never listened to on my own.

What genres of music can people expect to hear on your show?

I play a lot of pop punk, alternative music. I usually use the word ’emo’ to describe my show, very angsty teen.

If you could ask any living musical artist one question, which artist would you choose?

I would ask Pete Wentz how he’s doing today.

What is a question you wish someone would ask you?

I wish someone would ask me if they could give me a million dollars.

You can hear DJ Sputnik on the radio from midnight until 2 am every Tuesday on KMNR, 89.7 FM. She also hosts the weekly New Music Show every Friday from 7 pm to 9 pm.