The Missouri Miner is proud to present weekly interviews with djs from KMNR, Missouri S&T’s free-format college radio station. This week, we interviewed Grace Dietzler, aka DJ Dr. Feline (and The Miner’s Editor-In-Chief!)

DJ Dr. Feline

DJ Dr. Feline

What is your major?

Biological Sciences. I’m getting a B.S. in B.S.

When did you train?

Fall 2014.

What is your favorite album in KMNR’s library?

Favorite album would have to be Young Galaxy’s Falsework. Picked it up on a whim because I liked the cover and I was immediately hooked on the music.

Why did you join KMNR?

I joined KMNR because I love hearing myself talk and now I can force other people to do so. JK, I really liked all the people I knew in KMNR and I love finding new music, so it was a natural choice.

What is your favorite thing about being a dj?

My favorite thing about being a DJ is discovering new things, whether it’s through the new music shelf or other DJs. Also the KMNR family.

What genres of music can people expect to hear on your show?

Everything from jazz to alt rock to 80s pop. I just play whatever genre I’m in the mood for that day.

If you could ask any living musical artist one question, which artist would you choose?

I would ask OK Go where they went to wizarding school because they’re obviously magical

What is a question you wish someone would ask you?

“Grace, can I pay off your student loans with no strings attached? Afterwards we can binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and then I’ll pay for your med school tuition”

You can hear DJ Dr. Feline on the radio from 2 to 4 pm every Wednesday and also from 11 to noon on Fridays!