Introducing the iPhone 7

By Mahati Ganji, Features Writer

This past Friday, Apple released the new iPhone for purchase and let’s just say, the lines were long outside Apple stores and Apple retailers. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the faces of Apple efforts in recapturing the attention of previous iPhone users that made the change to Samsung upon surpassing their tech specs a few years ago. While the new iPhone has adapted to now offer a waterproof smartphone and the ever growing demands of consumers and competition, Apple has managed to stay true to the iPhone experience and improve upon it. It comes with many advancements and better performance compared to its predecessors. The new phone may not look much different from older models, but the good thing is this new phone is better in ways that are not just gimmicks.

So what are the major changes? There is no difference in the general appearance except for the front home button. There is no longer a home button, per say, it is now flat and no longer presses in; however, it still has the touch ID and has a similar 3D touch to the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 models now come in more colors with Matte Anodized Black and Glossy Jet Black being added to the list of already available colors, minus the fan favorite, Space Gray. An entirely new camera has also been added to this model, advancing its camera quality classification from being better to being the best among its competitors. The back camera is 12 megapixels with optical image stabilization and a six element lens to make shooting videos easier. The zoom is one of the best added features, allowing for better clarity, in addition to the enhanced clarity from having wide color capture and retina HD display. The front lens is also improved with the addition of a 7 megapixel High-definition camera. The iPhone 7 also comes with Quad-LED true tone flash, which is 50% brighter than the previous iPhone model. While the iPhone 7 has great camera specs, the iPhone 7 Plus takes it to a new level, being equipped with 2 cameras, twice the optimization and digital zoom up to 10x.

Another valuable added feature that is a concern for every smartphone user is the battery life. The iPhone 7 is supercharged with the most powerful chip in a smartphone. It enables faster processing and boasts the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. The processor speed is two times greater and a graphics speed three times greater than the iPhone 6. Another benefit is the removal of lower storage models and doubling the storage capacity of models available for purchase. The lineup now starts with a 32GB model followed by 128GB and 256GB models. The iPhone 7 models were also revamped with a new stereo speaker system that is two times louder than the previous iPhone, nearly eliminating the need for external speakers; however, the most controversial feature is the removal of the headphone jack.

Apple removal of the headphone jack has been a major worry for iPhone user. Apple will be releasing their bluetooth Airpods in October; however, Apple has included Earpods with a lightning port in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus packaging until the Airpod release. In general, this situation has been considered to be a setback by most rather than a crazy feature and to most, it appears to be a cash grab by Apple. Because the iPhone 7 is currently, only compatible with the lightning port Earpods at the moment, a serious concern arises since the lightning port is also used for charging purposes. This ultimately means that until the Airpod release, the ability to charge your phone while utilizing headphones is no longer viable, unless you buy the double port adaptor separately. Airpods do not come included with the purchase of the phone and their size and lack of a physical connection between the pods and the phone itself pose a concern for being easily lost. While the loss of the headphone jack was a concern for consumers, its removal has allowed the iPhone to be water resistant, allowing the phone to survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes, and for a slimmer phone. Like The Wall Street Journal says, ”You’ve heard the bad news: Apple removed the headphone jack from the new iPhone. Here’s the good news: They filled that space with precious, life-sustaining battery and other practical stuff”.

Another update is the new iOS 10, it is why there is nothing like an iPhone. It is currently the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It is super smooth and responsive, no other operating system is so effortless and natural. One new distinguished feature is that in the new iOS, you can finally remove some of the pesky pre installed apps that you always wanted to remove in order to declutter your home screen. While you can remove these apps from your home screen, it does not necessarily free up any storage space on your device… if only.

For the most part, the reviews on the iPhone 7 are mixed. Although many have already preordered the iPhone 7, others are holding out and reasoning that it might not make sense to buy it at the moment. Despite the mixed responses to its release, Apple got many things right with their latest smartphone; however, my personal suggestion is that you wait it out until next year for a bigger, better iPhone in celebration of its ten year anniversary.