White House incidents leave security on high alert

By: Alexis Lee, News Writer

Twenty-nine-year-old, Sean Patrick Keoughan, was detained on March 18 by the U.S. Secret Service due to a car that was “declared suspicious.” The car in question was a black Indiana-registered Chevrolet Impala that was earlier reported as stolen in Roanoke, Virginia, stated police. The driver of the vehicle claimed to have “a bomb in the trunk,” thereby greatly escalating the situation and causing authorities to act quickly.

The man was first stopped at approximately 11:00 p.m. Saturday night at a quarter mile away from the White House. The driver told authorities, “this is a test,” but police took the man into custody and proceeded with further protective measures. CNN Newsource National Correspondent, Ryan Noble, later posted his observations on Twitter. Around an hour after the car was stopped, Nobles reportedly witnessed the car’s boot being inspected for explosives by a robot as emergency vehicles swarmed the area. Firetrucks and hazardous materials units remained on standby while the vehicle was checked. No explosives were stated to be found, but Keoughan was still scheduled to be charged at Washington’s second police district on Sunday with false bomb threats and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

It was declared that President Trump and his family were not currently at the White House when the incident occurred, for they were at their resort in Palm Beach, Florida, for the weekend. Nevertheless, the security at the White House has been upgraded.

This incident was the third to occur at the White House in the past two weeks. Last week on March 10, a man claiming to be a friend of Trump, stated to have “an appointment” at the White House. The man, identified as Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran, allegedly “scaled the White House fence,” and he was not detained until nearly twenty minutes after stepping foot onto the grounds. He was arrested near the South Portico entrance. Another man, only a few hours prior to the bomb threat on Saturday, was apprehended after jumping a bicycle rack in a buffer zone on Pennsylvania Avenue. However, he was not able to make it over the fence onto White House grounds.