2017 Enrollment Reveals Exciting Trend

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

The start of a new school year inevitably brings a host of new faces to the Missouri S&T Campus. The influx of freshmen, transfer students and new graduate students create a fuller student body which allows for a better campus. But just how do the numbers stack up this year?

Recently, Missouri S&T reported that there is a grand total of 8,884 students populating the university. That number is .05% fewer than the record enrollment number of 8,889, which was set in fall 2015. However, this year has set a record for undergraduate enrollment, with that number reaching a record setting 6,920 students; with last year’s being 6,909.

The most popular major on campus is mechanical engineering, with a total of 884 students studying in that field. Of course, this number may be much higher due to freshman engineers being grouped into the freshman engineering major, which currently sits at 1,969 students. Petroleum engineering has experienced the most growth of any major in the past ten years, jumping from 53 students in 2007 to 223 students in 2017, or a 123.1% increase. Computer science has also experienced large growth, going from 305 students in 2007 to 753 in 2017, or an 84.6% increase.

Looking back at the enrollment during the 2007 fall semester, the growth is obvious. In 2007, enrollment peaked at 6,167 students, with 4,753 undergraduates and 1,414 graduates. To put that in perspective, in the past ten years Missouri S&T has experienced a growth of 36.1%; or, 2,717 more students. This upward trend seems to be leveling out now for the moment, seeing as how there’s only been a few slight fluxes in enrollment from 2015 to now.

One change in enrollment is occuring when it comes to gender. In the past two years the male enrollment has been dropping. The last peak appeared in 2015 when the male enrollment topped out at 6,846. Now, that number has dropped to 6,817. This may not seem like a lot upon first glance. However, the female enrollment rate is going up. From 2016 – 2017 Missouri S&T female enrollment experienced an increase from 2,009 to 2,067, a 2.8% increase in one year.

While the enrollment seems to be stabilizing, growth continues to occur in all areas on campus, whether it be in majors, or in genders. And next year, it will be just as exciting to see how the numbers change, inevitably, once more.