Weinstein under watch as allegations surface

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Co-Founder of Miramax and film producer Harvey Weinstein has been under fire this past week from allegations of sexual misconduct.

Dozens of prominent actresses, singers, models, employees, and writers have come forward with allegations against the film giant. According to the allegations Weinstein would invite, or otherwise coerce, women to perform sexual acts with him whether they gave consent or not.

These allegations have surfaced after years of hushed controversy revolving around Weinstein’s perverse attitude and actions. Other mentions of Weinstein’s actions before this past week have been brushed off and disregarded. This overwhelming outcry is impossible to ignore.

Though Weinstein has denied all allegations that have come his way, he is on record saying that he has “groped” women inappropriately. However, these allegations go far beyond that. The timeframe which these allegations represent range all the way back from the 1980’s to 2015. So far, forty-eight women have come forward about this informations.

Following the allegations, Weinstein has been fired from his company’s board of directors, entered into divorce with his wife, denounced by politicians including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and entered into a lawsuit with The New Yorker.

In the coming weeks even more women may come forward to press allegations to Weinstein. He faces an upwards of twenty-five years in prison if these claims are proven true.