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US Soccer

By: Nathaniel Kunz, Guest Writer


It wasn’t a dream, and it actually happened. No one will be able to see Dempsey break the record on the biggest stage. No one will be able to see Pulisic tear up the world’s best in Russia and possible win Best Young Player. No one will be able to see the next generation of players get their taste of international play. The kids of the country don’t get to see the dream realized that should be there: a place in the World Cup.

Now, this really does has huge ramifications for the US Soccer program. For one, it will be without a large sum of money that would have come from qualifying. That money could have gone improving our youth system to help the development of players, but now we have to do without it. Also, certain players will now not be able to finish off their careers on a high note. Bradley, Dempsey, Howard, Guzan, Zusi, Cameron, Gonzalez, Besler, Bedoya, and even Altidore should be gone by the next time World Cup qualifying rounds come along. Really, only Yedlin, Pulisic, Arriola, Acosta, and Wood are the players that should still be around if they keep going in the right direction. Another point is that this failure tarnishes the men’s team’s reputation in the country. The women’s program is basically untouchable because it wins and wins well. There’s a reason that many people in the US think that soccer is just a women’s sport because our women’s team is the only team that routinely is challenging for championships. I’m not gonna go over why that is at the time, because it’s definitely more complicated than one would thing. Among those who have the opinion that soccer is inferior to the other sports in the country will state that the national team is the butt of a lot of jokes aimed at soccer in the US, and this only fuels their fire. How can you inspire people to do better when they see the team that is at the top fail to even get to the World Cup? Continue reading

A Ghost Story Review

By: Mark Farmer, Entertainment Writer


David Lowery’s A Ghost Story released on home video earlier this month, starring Casey Affleck as a man who dies and returns to his home as a ghost, witnessing the events that transpire within his old house.

Lowery is a new face in Hollywood- His films have garnered festival awards here and there for the past eight years, until making his first wide-release directorial-debut in 2013 with Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (which, incidentally, also starred Affleck and Rooney Mara). While a complete flop at the box office, it ultimately earned high praises from critics, and nabbed Lowery his next big project- adapting Pete’s Dragon for Disney in a live action setting. His writing and directing for the 2016 flick paid off, earning high marks in both reviews and the box office.

It was with the profits of Pete’s Dragon that Lowery set out to make A Ghost Story. Sporting a measly $100,000 budget and a 30-page-script, Lowery hoped to assuage his “existential crisis” that, as he told The Guardian, was brought on by an article he read detailing the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake. Filmed in secret with Affleck and Mara during the summer of 2016, the film released earlier this year at Sundance and later with a limited theatrical release. How did Lowery do? Continue reading

Drive it Like it’s Stolen Review

By: Wesley Reno, Entertainment Writer


Injury Reserve is a 3-piece hip hop group based out of Phoenix, Arizona that pushes the boundaries of blending electronic music and hip hop. Following a commercially successful sophomore album, Drive It Like It’s Stolen proves that the trio still has something to say to the music world.

Floss, Injury Reserve’s previous release was filled with heavy, aggressive bangers that had infectious hooks and incited thrashing in many listeners (myself included). The highest point of Floss was the intense, energetic production that drew heavily from classic underground electronic music. Drum patterns, dirty synths, and pulsating rhythms built an instrumental that continuously drove the progression of the album.

Drive it Like It’s Stolen is a very large directional change for the group. While some of the same ideas come across in this project, the stylistic decisions made by Injury Reserve removed a lot of the “banger” energy that was on their previous album. Continue reading

Aaron Rodgers injury shuffles NFC North

By: Doran Grieshaber, Sports Writer


On Sunday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers suffered a season-altering injury when superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers was thrown to the turf in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings. Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone on the play and was carted off the field. The team has announced that he will undergo surgery and could miss the remainder of the season due to the injury, which would change the playoff picture drastically. The Packers came into Week Six as the clear-cut favorites for the NFC North title, but now it could be anyone’s game.

Since it is now official that Rodgers has elected to have surgery, it is highly likely that he will miss the remainder of the season. This means that the Packers will likely have to turn to former UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley for the remainder of the season. The team promoted Joe Callahan from the practice squad to become the new second-string quarterback but has made no other moves in that regard. Head coach Mike McCarthy also expressed after the game that the team will not likely look outside the organization to fill their quarterback needs. Hundley has almost no NFL experience outside of the preseason and it showed during the remainder of the game on Sunday. Hundley threw one touchdown in the second quarter, but also threw three interceptions and was sacked four times. The combination of a quarterback inexperienced with the NFL pass rush and an offensive line currently missing three starters due to injury does not bode well for Green Bay. Continue reading

Blade Runner 2049

By: Mark Farmer, Entertainment Writer


Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 opened in theaters this past weekend, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford as Blade Runners in this sequel to the 1982 film of the same name. In this dystopian future, Gosling must work alongside the government to track down and terminate super-human clones known as “Replicants.”

Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner was, in 1982, considered to be one of the most influential sci-fi films of its time. Its view of a dark and dreary future fueled by commercialism and greed crafted an iconic depiction of what life might be like in 37 years- that is, if the glass is seen as half-empty. In addition, its visual style and effects set a benchmark for future films, such that each scene still holds up to today’s standards. While not initially a commercial (or critical) success, Blade Runner is known today to be one of the most important films in modern history. Continue reading

Review of Metz’s Strange Peace

By: Matt Clemetsen, Entertainment Writer


METZ is a three-piece canadian noise rock band that are making a name for themselves with their heavy, energetic, and intense sound and off the wall liver performances. They released their self titled debut in 2015 and their sophomore follow up (simply named “II”)  in 2015. Both of those albums are filled to the brim with song utilizing simple but heavy guitar and bass riffs, heavy dissonance, and experimental recording techniques that has allowed the band to carve out their own niche in the hardcore music scene.

I’d been looking forward to a new METZ project ever since I started listening to them back in 2015, right after their second album dropped. I loved their crazy sound and brutal instrumentals. When I caught wind that they were releasing new material I was ecstatic, and when I found out that famed producer Steve Albini was going to produce the record I almost lost it (if you don’t know who Steve Albini is then look him up because he is a music legend). From the first single it was apparent that this album was going to be different than the previous two records. For starters, the first single, titled cellophane, has a much more complex song structure than a lot of their previous material and put more emphasis on how the song was built than just in one riff. The second single, drained lake, is more of a traditional style METZ song with a harsh, trebly guitar lead and a driving drum beat. The third single, Mess of Wires, serves as the opening track of the album and is a pretty large departure for METZ. It largely does away with their typical song structure and lets noise take over the song. This may sound strange at first, but they craft this noise in a way that feels tense and angry, like a swarm of wasps hovering above your head. Continue reading

1,500 homes destroyed and at least ten dead in wildfire

By: Hadley Bjerke, News Editor


Wind-whipped fires sweeping across California’s wine country Monday killed at least 10 people, burned hundreds of homes and buildings and forced thousands to flee communities, hospitals and wineries ahead of the hard-charging flames. Officials confirmed seven dead in Sonoma County, two in Napa, and another in Mendocino County to the north. That makes the day one of the deadliest in the state’s wildfire history, although records are difficult to compare because Monday’s deaths were caused by multiple fires burning in the same general area, rather than a single blaze. California State Forestry and Fire Protection chief Ken Pimlott conservatively estimated that 1,500 homes, businesses and other structures were destroyed in Northern California alone — and a separate fire was burning outside Los Angeles to the south. About 20,000 people were evacuated from the Northern California fires, Pimlott said. The fires continued burning Monday evening as firefighters poured into the area and air tankers hammered the flames from above. Continue reading

More than footprints and flags

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

On Thursday, October 5th, Vice President Mike Pence stated “We will return American astronauts to the moon, not only to leave behind footprints and flags, but [also] to build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond,” in the first meeting of the newly reinstated National Space Council.

According to Pence, “The moon will be a stepping stone, a training ground, a venue to strengthen our commercial and international partnerships as we refocus America’s space program toward human space exploration.”

The details of what would be to come of this program are still in development. However, the goals of the mission are cut and clear. The Trump administration stated that they want to use an expansion in space exploration to promote and “protect national security”, to aid the American economy, and to allow America to be “as dominant in the heavens as it is on Earth.” Continue reading

America mourns after Vegas shooting

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Tragedy is something which mustn’t be taken lightly, or thrown to the wayside. Tragedy can rip people apart while bringing others together. Tragedy can unite, strengthen, and incite change in people, communities, nations, or even the world. Regardless, tragedy is still tragedy. Tragedy kills. Tragedy breaks. Tragedy brings pain.

The massacre in Las Vegas was a tragedy.

On October 1st, at the Route 91 Harvest music festival where a large crowd of approximately 22,000 music lovers danced and enjoyed the night, horror struck. Gunman Stephen Paddock, firing from the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, rained hellfire down upon the unsuspecting crowd using an arsenal of twenty-three weapons many of which were modified to shoot rounds faster, and to shoot hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Continue reading

Groceries in the Future

By: Michael Pellham, Features Writer

The future keeps assimilating more and more aspects of daily life, and resistance is futile. Even the normal trip to the store to pick up bread and milk has now been innovated upon. The human cashier of old has been replaced by a squadron of self check out booths overseen by one “supervisor”, These booths are always ready (or always down for maintenance) for the customer to scan their own merchandise and complete the checkout process solo. Some places have forgone the human element altogether such as the Residential College’s own 24/7 shop Avenue C where a self checkout station, the honor system, and looming cameras backed by warning signs are your only form of interaction in the grocery transaction. Convenience and efficiency seem to be king as these empty grocery stores and their variations are beginning to expand in this age defined by new technology.

Whether you are delighted with less human interaction in your day or reluctant to see it go, you can start to expect the trend to continue. Shanghai is home to a new prototype grocery store, one that is on wheels and with zero humans operating it. This autonomous store is called the Moby and all it takes is downloading the app to enter the bus and choose your groceries for the week. Once you’ve marked off all the items on your grocery list, simply walk out and you will be charged for your wares. Amazon is teasing on entering this new era of stores with their Amazon Go stores. This concept eliminates the need to physically enter the store, as after you select your items online, you show up to the drive through, where your items will be delivered. Amazon and other grocery stores are taking the next step in grocery shopping with services such as Amazon Fresh delivery. These take the now familiar actions of ordering online, and apply it to your grocery list, fast food, or even restaurant take out. The likes of Chipotle, Five Guys, and even Cold Stone Creamery have now partnered with a similar service provider. Continue reading