Review of Losing by Bully

By: Matt Clemetsen, Entertainment Writer


Bully is a grunge/punk 3-piece hailing for Nashville Tennessee. They’ve released two full length albums and an EP, all of which have made a big splash in the underground music world. Their Lead singer, Alicia Bognanno, is their primary song writer and producer. While she was in college so interned at Electric Audio in Chicago, Illinois, a studio famous for being run by the influential producer Steve Albini.

Their latest full-length release, Losing, maintains a lot of the aspects of their first release, Feels Like, so great but still shows that the band has matured a lot since 2015. The album is comparatively darker and heavier, but still just as raw and catchy as the Feels Like. Alicia uses her knack for writing catchy hooks and melodies to craft songs that are feel relatable and deeply personal at the same time.

The first single that was released leading up to the album, Feels the Same, is a perfect example of how Bully’s sound has matured from their first album. The vocals and instrumental are more visceral and tense but they don’t overpower the lyrics and message of the song. The song is about becoming numb and always feeling the same. The next two singles, Running and Kills to be Resistant, are more reminiscent of their old sound and song writing style.

Moving away from the singles, the album features a variety of different song writing styles, including some more toned-down tracks, like Focused or Seeing It, that allow Alicia to explore some themes that she couldn’t explore on the first album. The album also allowed the band to sonically explore more than the first. Being recorded at Electric audio, the band had more options with their recording to get the sound that they couldn’t achieve on Feels Like.

The Album’s main theme is loss, which is evident from the title of the record. Each of the songs expertly explore several types of losses. Every song on the record is vague enough to be relatable but also specific enough to feel like you’re getting a short glimpse into Alicia’s life. The songs range from heavy and fast to somber and down-trodden, making the record much more diverse than their first and keeps the listener engage the entire time.

I’ve been a huge Bully fan since the beginning, and it’s been very satisfying to watch them experiment and develop. Losing feels like a natural progression from their first LP and keeps me hoping the Bully is going to continue progressing and gain popularity as they go. I would (and have) recommend this album to anyone who listen to any kind of rock music.