‘Tis the season of S&T bands

By: Neal Kisor, Features Writer

Source: alp.mst.edu

This past month the various bands of Missouri S&T have put their hours of hard work and practice to the test in a string of various concerts. Fingers press down on well-used metal keys and carefully blown streams of air pass artfully through the intricate tubing of instruments. They go by many names: Brass Choir, Orchestra, Symphonic Band,  Pep Band, Jazz Band, etc. Though they’re all connected through their love of music.

Jonathan Jarvis, director of the Brass Choir, prepares music for his bandmembers. During concerts he takes the stage and conducts the high voices of trumpets and the low rumblings of tubas. When asked about his favorite part of being a member of this musical family, he said it was how easily he could make friends, “everyone was a musician and had similar experiences and similar hobbies.” To be sure, these band members are musicians. Missouri S&T does not have a dedicated music major, which means that every single member of the bands are there on their own will.  This leads to “some incredibly dedicated members,” Jarvis admits. “I’m very honored to have such amazing musicians under my direction in Brass Choir, and I’m honored to play with the same musicians in all the other ensembles.”

The members have high praises as well. Emily Meyer, a member of the Jazz Band, admits that the director, Dave Cress, is her “favorite person in the world.” She praises Cress on both his ability to make everything fun and his dedication to  include everyone with an interest in jazz into one of the bands or the combo. “Jazz on Tuesday always manages to put a smile on my face, no matter what kind of week I’m having,” Meyer proudly proclaims.

The various bands organize many different concerts throughout the year with most occurring in early November and April. Visit alp.mst.edu/music/ to find out more information on these bands.