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My Favorite Part of Christmas

By: Wesley Reno, Entertainment Writer

Before I moved away from home, I would spend every Thanksgiving driving to a family member’s house and engaging in the traditional festivities of the holiday. Some of the most memorable parts of the holiday, however, weren’t those that I spent at Thanksgiving, they were the moments I spent driving to and from it.

Whenever we were in the car on Thanksgiving, my parents would play the album December by George Winston to prepare for the coming holiday season. The beautiful piano performances that make up the album are the soundtrack to my childhood holiday memories. Because of this, George Winston’s album will always be something that transports me back to being a child in my mom’s Nissan Maxima. Continue reading

STUCO Update

By: Caroline Newman, Editor in Chief

Recently, I met with Makenzie Buescher, the PR chair for S&T’s Student Council, to learn about some of the projects STUCO has undertaken. Here’s a brief update!

The Health Season Advisory Committee meets once a week to address issues with campus health services. Last month’s focus was spreading the word about the types of services offered by student health since overall student engagement is low. This month’s focus is on transparency with regard to the student health fee so that students will have a better understanding of how their money is being spent. Continue reading

How I realized I’m an adult.

I, Caroline Newman, am An Adult™. I made a spreadsheet comparing grocery prices across town. I pay my taxes (and pay someone to prepare them for me). It now takes me three to six sittings to finish a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I rarely drink wine from a can, pouch, bag, or carton.

These traits were not, however, the final straw in my journey towards adulthood. No, I first realized I was an adult when, three weeks ago, my mom asked me what I might like for Christmas.

In years past, this exchange has gone something like this:

Mom: What do you want for Christmas? Continue reading

Dr. Jerry Bayless Retires

By: Danielle Sheahan

Featuring Dr. Jerry Bayless and his much deserved retirement. He has given much of his life to the Missouri S&T campus, especially the CArE (Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering) Department. Dr. Jerry Bayless, P.E. was an Associate Professor in Structural Engineering and is now holds the title Emeritus. Emeritus is an honorary title given to a well accomplished professor who does not teach presently. He has been on the campus since he started his education at the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (now known as Missouri S&T) in Civil Engineering in 1955. He completed his undergraduate degree in 1959 and immediately joined the university faculty. He continued his education while working as faculty and completed his Masters in Civil Engineering in 1962. Then to now is 62 years! He had to have loved Rolla because it shows through his work and extracurriculars.

Dr. Bayless was best known for teaching CE 3330, otherwise known as Engineering Fluid Mechanics (specifically for the CArE department) or just Fluids. It is an upper level course where you learn how to manipulate the Bernoulli’s equation to solve problems dealing with water and other fluid materials. A wide range of students take this class even including petroleum engineering students. As stated in a prior article written by Joe McCune, Dr. Bayless’ favorite classes he taught were Fluid Mechanics, Reinforced Concrete Design, Structural Analysis and Slide Rule. Dr. Bayless also was the associate dean of the School of Engineering at what was then called University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) which is a very involved position. Continue reading

Trump and Putin Face Off at APEC Summit

By: Neal Kisor, Features Writer


President Trump and Vladimir Putin came face to face this past week at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang, Vietnam. The meeting followed the recent scandal of collusion committed by Trump’s campaign team. They wanted to dig up “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and for Russia to surface thousands of emails on her. Trump has remained steadfast in claiming that the people involved were not high on his campaign team, though one of the accused, George Papadopoulos, was named as “an excellent guy” by Trump in 2016. Regardless, those accused have been exiled from Trump’s favor.

Trump singled out former CIA Director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey, all of whom have cited evidence about Russia election activity in 2016. “They’re political hacks,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One. “I mean, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, and you have Comey. Comey is proven now to be a liar and he’s proven to be a leaker.” Continue reading

Even Obama Can’t Escape Jury Duty

By: Neal Kisor, Features Writer

Presidents, past and current, hold the responsibility of being outstanding and model American citizens. This past week former President Obama exemplified this responsibility by showing up to jury duty in Cook County, Illinois.


Obama arrived to a chorus of excited voices and a swath of smiling faces. Of the almost 200 in attendance, Obama went around to almost every single one, shaking hands and signing books and autographs.

Obama did not allow himself to get too caught up in the popularity. After all, to allow all of the people to take selfies would be to delay the Justice System. When it came time to watch the twenty minute long video on how to be a juror, Obama sat through the whole thing. Continue reading

‘Tis the season of S&T bands

By: Neal Kisor, Features Writer


This past month the various bands of Missouri S&T have put their hours of hard work and practice to the test in a string of various concerts. Fingers press down on well-used metal keys and carefully blown streams of air pass artfully through the intricate tubing of instruments. They go by many names: Brass Choir, Orchestra, Symphonic Band,  Pep Band, Jazz Band, etc. Though they’re all connected through their love of music.

Jonathan Jarvis, director of the Brass Choir, prepares music for his bandmembers. During concerts he takes the stage and conducts the high voices of trumpets and the low rumblings of tubas. When asked about his favorite part of being a member of this musical family, he said it was how easily he could make friends, “everyone was a musician and had similar experiences and similar hobbies.” To be sure, these band members are musicians. Missouri S&T does not have a dedicated music major, which means that every single member of the bands are there on their own will.  This leads to “some incredibly dedicated members,” Jarvis admits. “I’m very honored to have such amazing musicians under my direction in Brass Choir, and I’m honored to play with the same musicians in all the other ensembles.” Continue reading

Wait, the FE is Required to Graduate?

By: Danielle Sheahan, Features Writer

The FE is the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination that the majority of campus undergraduate engineering students must take. By passing the FE exam you will become an EIT (engineer in training). A large portion of engineering companies would prefer their entry level engineers to be certified EITs, especially consulting firms. The purpose of the FE exam is to get you started on your path to become a PE (professional licensed engineer). The exam is organized and conducted by the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying). This exam cost $225 which unfortunately is non-refundable, but if you are working on an engineering degree at Missouri S&T you are most likely required to take the FE exam to graduate. The only degrees that do not require the FE exam to graduate include aerospace engineering, ceramic engineering, and metallurgical engineering. Please note that aerospace engineering students are required to take and pass an exit assessment which is completely different than the FE exam. Depending on your engineering department you might have to take a specific discipline’s FE exam. Those include chemical, civil, electrical, computer, environmental, and mechanical engineering. If you are not one of those engineering disciplines you will most likely take the “other disciplines” FE, but sometimes you are able to take the generic “other disciplines” FE in certain scenarios (this would be up to an advisor or head of a department). Continue reading


By: Danielle Sheahan, Features Writer

Joe’s PEERS is an organization supported by Missouri S&T which put on events promoting student wellness. Student wellness is described as the betterment of intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and physical aspects of students. Joe’s PEERS are Missouri S&T students who have applied to become volunteers to serve our campus. There are a select few students who are paid for their positions, and they are called PWE (PEER Wellness Educators). They are paid to be the main reference person for a social norms topic area.

These topic areas include:

Mental Health

Sexualized Violence & Healthy Relationships

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Fitness, Nutrition & Sexual Health

Research & Development Continue reading

Groceries in the Future

By: Michael Pellham, Features Writer

The future keeps assimilating more and more aspects of daily life, and resistance is futile. Even the normal trip to the store to pick up bread and milk has now been innovated upon. The human cashier of old has been replaced by a squadron of self check out booths overseen by one “supervisor”, These booths are always ready (or always down for maintenance) for the customer to scan their own merchandise and complete the checkout process solo. Some places have forgone the human element altogether such as the Residential College’s own 24/7 shop Avenue C where a self checkout station, the honor system, and looming cameras backed by warning signs are your only form of interaction in the grocery transaction. Convenience and efficiency seem to be king as these empty grocery stores and their variations are beginning to expand in this age defined by new technology.

Whether you are delighted with less human interaction in your day or reluctant to see it go, you can start to expect the trend to continue. Shanghai is home to a new prototype grocery store, one that is on wheels and with zero humans operating it. This autonomous store is called the Moby and all it takes is downloading the app to enter the bus and choose your groceries for the week. Once you’ve marked off all the items on your grocery list, simply walk out and you will be charged for your wares. Amazon is teasing on entering this new era of stores with their Amazon Go stores. This concept eliminates the need to physically enter the store, as after you select your items online, you show up to the drive through, where your items will be delivered. Amazon and other grocery stores are taking the next step in grocery shopping with services such as Amazon Fresh delivery. These take the now familiar actions of ordering online, and apply it to your grocery list, fast food, or even restaurant take out. The likes of Chipotle, Five Guys, and even Cold Stone Creamery have now partnered with a similar service provider. Continue reading