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Presidential (Re)tweets Spark Debate

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Trump’s Twitter escapades are a hot topic for many political followers. Many people, including Trump’s most staunch defendants have criticized his Twitter usage. Trump gained a new opponent in the past week when his tweets and retweets led to disputes between him and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The dispute began after Trump retweeted an anti-Muslim video from “Britain First”, an extremist group. The video sparked many harsh reactions from British government officials. Theresa May denounced Trump’s decision to retweet the video after calling Britain First a “hateful organization.” The British ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch, wrote a letter to the White House in protest. Many British officials are labeling Trump racist and incompetent because of the retweet. Continue reading

‘Weinstein Effect’ Propels Claims in All Fields

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Recently, the world of Hollywood and media have been stirring over a swath of sexual misconduct claims and allegations. The claims began to snowball after Harvey Weinstein received over eighty claims of sexual abuse. Many people were astonished over the allegations associated with Weinstein. For a small group of people who were affected by celebrities and politicians, this coming-forward was encouraging.

Since the Weinstein allegations, dozens of people have come forward to reveal other celebrities, news anchors, and politicians of sexual abuse. Among those are CBS journalist Charlie Rose, comedian Louis C.K., actor Kevin Spacey, NBC journalist Matt Lauer, Michigan U.S. Representative John Conyers, and many, many more. Continue reading

‘Pickles’ Populate Oregon Coast

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Oregon shoreline residents had a small, slimy surprise arrive on the coast this past week. They came in the thousands, tiny bioluminescent and translucent alien-like creatures which resemble tiny dill pickles. People walking along the coast had no clue what these creatures are, all they know is that they’re quite slimy. However, the appearance of the pickle-creatures may reveal something shocking.

While many beach-goers and even scientists didn’t know what these blobs were, they’re a curious species called a pyrosome (or fire body). Pyrosomes, while they may look like one continuous body, are actually colonies of individual organisms. Think about pyrosomes as little slimy snowballs, they cling to each other and grow longer and longer. Some pyrosomes have even been reported being sixty feet long. However, the pyrosomes that have washed up in Oregon have only been around two to three inches long at most. Continue reading

Zimbabwe President Resigns after Thirty Years

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer


To millions of people all around the world elections and handing over power within a government is a momentous, if not expected, event. America elects a new president and a whole swath of congressmen. Germany recently re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel. Last year, China implemented its thirteenth “Five-year plan”. However, not all countries are fortunate enough to have changes of power go so smoothly. Zimbabwe is one of them.

After the various reforms to Africa imposed by European empires, Zimbabwe went through turbulent years of fighting and conflict until it was granted independence in 1980 by Britain. The leader of this new country was Canaan Banana, but this was only in name. The real leader was Robert Mugabe, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. Continue reading

Autonomous Vehicles Decide Fate of Riders

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer


Self-Driving cars are causing a stir in the world of transportation. They are projected to save tens of thousands of lives each year, create smooth-flowing traffic, cut-down on commute time, and give the elderly a chance to move freely. However, they also prose a scary question:  “What about crashes?”

Undoubtedly accidents will occur because of self-driving cars. Opponents of autonomous vehicles have criticized numerous fender-benders and accidents which involve self-driving vehicles. However, almost every single accident occurred due to negligence or error by human drivers. Often, the self-driving vehicles obey laws which common drivers may forget about. For example, Google’s self-driving vehicle caused an injury when it got rear ended after stopping somewhat suddenly at an intersection. There was heavy traffic at the time and the car was programmed to never block intersections, which is the law. However, the driver behind the car expected to continue through the intersection, causing a crash. Another accident occurred when the Google car encountered a congested area due to storm drain damage. The car attempted to merge into a lane by using the “zipper technique”, allowing one car through and then attempting to merge. However, a bus did not slow down or wait for the car to merge and a crash occurred, no injuries were reported. Continue reading

Keystone Pipeline Experiences Second Spill

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer


On November 23th the Keystone XL Pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil across South Dakota. The spill is the largest produced by Keystone to date. TransCanada, the pipeline’s operator, announced that the spill will not affect waterways or wildlife. Additionally, the spill was reportedly shut down “within minutes” of the accident being noticed. The 2,600 mile long pipeline promised to have no more than eleven spills over its fifty-year projected lifetime. However, the Thanksgiving spill marks the second one in under two years. In April 2016 the pipeline spilled 16,800 gallons of oil-  or about 400 barrels-  and the clean-up took around two months to complete. This spill is more than ten times bigger than the initial spill, or around 5,000 barrels of oil. Continue reading

The NFL and the National Anthem

By: Tyler Zaring, Sports Editor

With the start of school and the month of September also comes football for all age groups. Being one of the top four major sports in America mean that many people tune in on Sundays to watch their favorite NFL team. This year has been a completely different story for fans and their team’s.

I rarely miss watching my favorite Kansas City Chiefs game no matter the day and this year has been no different. For other fans this year, that is not true. Due to the players and at times even the owners demonstrations during the National Anthem many fans have vowed to never watch another game. Others have taken it a step further and joined in America’s new favorite thing to do in sports by burning their team jersey, flag, and even season tickets. Continue reading

New galaxy discovered with birth-date close to Big Bang

By: Hadley Bjerke, News Editor

Using one of the world’s most powerful telescopes, scientists Monday announced the discovery of a distant galaxy that’s about 12.8 billion years old. It’s “only” about 1 billion years younger than the Big Bang, making it the second-oldest celestial object ever discovered. “This new object is very close to being one of the first galaxies ever to form,” said astrophysicist Min Yun of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, who was a co-author of a new study published Monday in Nature Astronomy, a peer-reviewed British journal.

At present there is only one other, slightly older and more distant object like this that is known, the study said. “The Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago, and now we are seeing this galaxy from 12.8 billion years ago, so it was forming within the first billion years after the Big Bang,” Yun said in a statement. “Seeing an object within the first billion years is remarkable because the universe was too hot and too uniform to form anything for the first 400 million years,” he said. “So our best guess is that the first stars and galaxies and black holes all formed within the first half a billion to 1 billion years.” Continue reading

New York lives Halloween nightmare

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer

Lower Manhattan was pitched into a realm of terror on October 31st as a truck barreled down a bike lane along West Street. The truck, in a one-mile rampage which was only ended due to the truck ramming a school bus, caused nineteen casualties. Of those, eight are now dead, and eleven injured. This attack was an act of terrorism, conducted and claimed by ISIL. The attack also follows a series of similar vehicular-based attacks. In fact, this attack is number fifteen in a list of attacks conducted by vehicles in Europe and North America, according to research group New America. Altogether, these attacks have killed 142 people in total.

The suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, a Uzbekistani man who’s been living in America since 2010, has been brought into custody by NYPD. Saipov reportedly exited the truck he’d rented from Home Depot carrying fake firearms, a pellet gun and paintball gun respectively. After brandishing the two fake weapons the police shot Saipov in the abdomen. Saipov was brought to the hospital and was respondent. On November 1st Saipov was charged with providing material support for terrorism. Continue reading

Sutherland Springs terrorist attack

By: Neal Kisor, News Writer


It was a typical Sunday service for the citizens of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The town of only around 600 people, a town so small that everyone knows one another. The place where those wanting to escape the business and busyness of San Antonio, only a few miles East. Then, catastrophe struck. Devin Kelley, carrying a Ruger semi-automatic rifle and wearing a ballistic vest, marched forth towards the First Baptist Church and began to open fire. The people inside were praying, unaware at first of the looming danger.

In walked Kelley to the terrified churchgoers and began to open fire on the congregation. Within moments Kelley had gunned down most of the gathering. Over half of those shot were children. The victims ranged from a little over a year old all the way to seventy-two years old. A pregnant woman was shot and killed. The pastor’s daughter was shot and killed. Eight people from one family alone were wiped out. In total, twenty-six people were killed in the massacre. An additional twenty were wounded in the attacks as well. Just a little under ten percent of Sutherland Springs was impacted by this attack. Continue reading