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The Rolla Experience… Worth It

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer

When you graduate high school, everyone says “college is what you make of it” and as cliché as that is, it is pretty true, you have the choice to make the most of your college experience by making friends and working hard or blowing it all off.  In college, you do not have your parents by your side making sure that you wake up and get to school on time, that you eat a balanced meal or get to bed at a reasonable time of night, you are floating around in this weird transitional phase between full-blown adulthood and being a child. You are given this new responsibility where you are held accountable for your education because there is no longer a federal law confining you to a desk for a set time 5 days a week; you suddenly have to learn how to push yourself to get out of bed, to turn off whatever TV series that you have been binge watching, so that you can study, do your homework or go to class. I get it man, staying motivated is hard, I do not have enough fingers to count how many days that time has passed way too fast where I had plans to get all of these things accomplished and I barely make a dent into that list. Everyone spends so much time asking you if you are excited about starting college instead of preparing you for the experience that you are about to embark on and the same could be said about graduating college and starting your transition into the professional workforce, except you are no longer floating in that weird in-between, you are a full blown adult.

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