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Things to Do When Netflix is No Longer an Option

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer 

Holiday breaks are meant to have the purpose of spending quality time with your immediate family and relatives, but that’s not always what happens. For college students, a holiday break ultimately serves as an opportunity to temporarily forget your educational obligations and school-related stressors, a chance to catch up on/ make a dent in your Netflix queue, a chance to catch up on all your neglected coursework, or an opportunity to make some extra cash only to recklessly spend it all while back at school – Netflix, most likely being the victor of the three. But let’s be real, as awesome as Netflix is, there’s only so many hours that you can marathon watch Netflix before you tire of not knowing what time of day it is or eventually become grossed out by the fact that you’re still wearing the same clothes that you put on three days ago when you last showered. If that doesn’t happen, you either have incredible self-control and motivation or it’s only a matter of time before a family member or friend stages an intervention. If you are the former, I commend you. However, if you are the latter and finally arrive at the conclusion that it’s time to change your clothes, shower and get some fresh air, here are some fun activities that you can do.

Source: Crown Center Ice Skating Rink in Kansas City, MO https://www.crowncenter.com/Attractions-Theaters-List/Ice-Terrace

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