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Brief History of U.S. Agency Freezes

By: Danielle Sheahan, Features Writer

Last month, President Trump ordered a halt to new agency regulations, which also included the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) grants and contracts. In addition to other issued executive orders, concern was also drawn to the freeze, the potential dismantling of the EPA, and the long-term impacts or potential outcomes. While it was alarming for some, it is common practice in American government, when a new administration is transitioning into the White House, to freeze a federal agency or agencies.

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Will Hillary’s Bid for President Come to an Abrupt End?

By Steve Rusakiewicz, News Writer 

As the race for President enters the election year, candidates on all sides are jockeying for party nominations and getting their messages out to the public.  Among them is Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and First Lady.  As the Democratic primary election races began heating up this month, Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders have been engaging in spirited debates on subjects ranging from healthcare to foreign policy to alleviating the burdens of the modern working-class citizen.  The race between Clinton and Sanders currently follows the arc of the famous fable “The Tortoise and the Hare,” with Sanders off to a very slow start in terms of poll numbers, but making steady gains along the way and even taking the lead from Clinton in Vermont, New Hampshire and closing to within the margin of error in Iowa.  Despite these strong showings from Clinton, her campaign may be in serious danger of derailment due to her testimony regarding the nature of information contained on her private email server.

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