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A Survival Guide for the Holidays: Gift Edition

By Leslie Hamilton, Features Writer 

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/learnvest/2013/12/23/i-dont-buy-holiday-gifts-and-its-not-because-im-a-grinch/

Gift-giving is a difficult, expensive, awkward and time consuming process, and that’s without adding the stressors of being a broke to semi-broke college student trying to buy reasonable and thoughtful gifts for your family, friends and possible significant other. As a rule of thumb, always prioritize your immediate family and significant other when it comes to gift giving; but also realize that if you can’t afford a gift, your immediate family will typically be the most forgiving about a lack of gift reciprocation on your part. As for friends, typically only your closest friends will purchase a gift for you and by default, you will probably do the same. If unsure if your friend group is doing gift exchanging this year, ask for clarification so that you are not alone in purchasing or not purchasing gifts; the same could be applied to significant others. That being said, most parties would appreciate a homemade gift if you are short on money this holiday season, regardless of their relation to you.

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